Single flavor

Dark Chocolate Ganache                             

Milk Chocolate Ganache                              

Dark Chocolate & Port Wine                       

Dark Chocolate Mint                                    

York Mint (White)                                       

Lemon Ganache                                           

Orange Ganache                                           

Mocha Ganache                                           

Peanut Butter                                                           

White Chocolate & Vodka Ganache


One 9-piece box of any single flavor  $15

One 12-piece box of any single flavor $20


Double flavor

Hazelnut & Milk Chocolate Ganache

Black Currant & Dark Port Wine

Black Currant & Marzipan

Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Ganache

Peach & Macadamia Nuts

Mocha & Cream

Orange & Mocha

Grapefruit & Dark Chocolate Ganache

Peach & Lemon Ganache


One 9-piece box of any double flavors $15

One 12-piece box of any two flavors $20

(6 of each flavor)


Mystery box

Order a  “Mystery Box” of 24-pieces of delicious, but unspecified, filled chocolates.  

We gather these in a special “Mystery Box” of decadence in a gold box with a magnetic closure. No two boxes are filled the same way.

Sorry, no specific requests can be made.


One 24-piece box of mystery filled chocolate $35


pieces serving

Order servings of 70-pieces or 100-pieces of delicious filled chocolates.  

Recommended for house parties, holiday and special events.


One 70-piece box single flavor $70

One 100-piece box single flavor $95


4 special events

Minimum order is 12 pieces per Flavor

Other Flavors can be negotiated for Special Events. Including fresh fruits dipped in chocolate (only be good for the day of delivery)

Please order at least 1 week in advance. Pick-up at strategic retail locations.


Each filled chocolate, price starts at $1.50 each

Individually wrapped filled chocolates, price starts at $1.75 each.